VCR is a group of diverse technology and financial service companies that are passionate about identifying the foremost growth-phase eCommerce businesses on the planet. We empower them to scale with tactical advisory services, private equity, and our global network of industry leaders.


VCR Catalyst Fund

Early Phase Investor RoadBlocks
  • Unseasoned technical experience
  • Narrow levels of deal flow
  • Restricted due diligence
  • Limited investment oversight
  • Funding scarcities yield limited negotiating power.
  • Constrained portfolio diversification
VCR Accelerator Fund
  • VCR Accelerator Fund
  • Advisory group comprised of industry leaders with seasoned technical expertise
  • Regular receipt of growth-phase business plans worldwide.
  • Expert legal counsel and technical advisors to conduct deep due diligence.
  • Thorough advisor involvement in each portfolio company.

Investment Opportunity

Responding to a common hurdle in growth-phase tech financing, the VCR Accelerator Fund can breathe life into the often stagnant phase between Pre-Seed Friends & Family Capital and Institutional Round Funding, for promising eCommerce companies. This gap is where many promising companies lose the momentum they need to reach the next growth phase. 

The VCR Accelerator Fund invests up to $500,000 in growth-phase technology companies. These funds can be supplemented up to seven figures through our affiliated Angel Investors Group, and extensive network of institutional investors for Late-Seed stage companies.